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“That they may have life, life in abundance….” (Holy Bible)

It is my great pleasure and privilege to act as Director of the Bengaluru Sumanahalli Leprosy Rehabilitation and Training Center (LRTC).

The people who persuaded our community of the need for an LRTC have called it SUMANAHALLI for decades, which means "Village of people of good heart." It has become a reality today, where people can find happiness, life and light. We had moments of happiness and sorrows, struggles and anxieties. And we take pride in what we are now.

Sumanahalli is involved in all leprosy-related activities such as early detection of cases, IEC (information, education , communication), MDT (multi-drug therapy), advocacy, capacity building and training, and POID (impairment and deformity prevention), vocational training, institutional and community-based rehabilitation for people with leprosy and people with disabilities The program NLEP (National Leprosy Eradication Program) & CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) has 75 Bangalore city corporation wards with a target population of 2.13 million. 

Sumanahalli became Bengaluru 's Social Hub. The original dream of Mysore's Maharaja and that of Devaraj Urs' chief minister was realized with the place being a refuge center for the most unwanted people in society. People impacted by leprosy, Aids and disabilities, orphans, street boys and juvenile delinquents provide refuge on campus for the most vulnerable. Many of them would have ended up on the road to become beggars. (The Empty Nest, Dr. Fr. George Kannanthanam, by Rev).

The Sumanahalli Leprosy Project has been working for the past 40 years in 76 wards of Bengalur City Corporation and 5 leprosy colonies to eradicate leprosy and rehabilitate leprosy patients by conducting various activities at different levels. The organisation 's relationship with people in these areas is very good. We are a community with five hospitals, a hundred bed rehabilitation center for patients with leprosy and an ongoing study covering one-fourth of Bengaluru. We also established a robust recovery system for our clients, which consists of schooling, vocational training , work placement, housing and community marriages, through which we can give them back to the society as persons with dignity.

Our services have gained global recognition and appreciation. This is attested by 181 foreign volunteers from 17 nations, 11 national awards and 7 state awards. Our hearts are filled with love, affection and support, to God and to His human instruments that walked with us. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to those who have collaborated with Sumanahalli and its projects.

I pray and I wish the blessing of God to all those who go with us. Let us continue the journey, to make life a little better for those who don't have to care for anyone, so that they may have LIFE, LOVE AND Light.

Without distinction of Color, Caste, Creed , Religion or Area to carry out these activities for the protection and recovery of Affected Leprosy, Differently Capable persons and members of their families. Through delivering committed, committed, and compassionate assistance.

Enabling equal opportunities for people affected by leprosy and persons with disabilities, enhanced quality of life and full involvement in a community that values their rights and dignity.

Director’s Message
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